ma moment

- Ashley went soooo happy when he figured out how to leave a comment at my post. So he sended a comment that was just so cute. It made me feel warmth in the whole heart and it made me feel happy, safe and loved.

Just felt I wanted to share that moment with u.


ashley {your man}  ( om I don't think people understand how hard it is to be without him...:
My Darlin Sofia,from the time I first laid eyes on you I knew you would be the one to make me happy & fill me up with so much warmth & laughter,you mean the whold to me & my home lys in your heart cause that's where I'll stay as you will be in mine. It may be hard now but hey we strong & will make it tru any stome that comes our way. I love you now & forever My Darlin Snowfia

- Haha ashley blev så glad när han klurat ut hur man kommenterar mina inlägg. Så han skickade en sjukt gullig kommentar som verkligen värmde hela hjärtat och fick mig att känna mig glad, trygg och älskad.

Kände att jag ville dela med mig av den stunden med er!


Postat av: ashley {your man}

Dis is really excitin 4 me cos iv neva done dis b4 so ima try tooo coment as much as I can cos I jus love everythin u type u jus da bestest eva my Darlin Sofia

2012-01-23 @ 20:43:03
Postat av: kottenliten och pytteliten

Åå gumman.. ni är så söta tillsammans <3

2012-01-29 @ 21:45:16

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