I don't think people understand how hard it is to be without him...

It's just sooo hard to sit here at home alone. Cos then the thoughts are commin to ur head, and ur just tryin to think happy thoughts so u wont cry.
This boy, is really the best thing that evah happend to me... Even if he's on the otha side of the world rite now... I still love him, like really much. I nevah thought I was gonna feel this much for someone. I know that people always say the same thing ovah and ovah again. But for real... I really think that Ash is da one. It feels to gud to b true.
And that's what we both thought the secound day we where with echotha.
Jag älskar dig ma darlin. Ur really da best. U make me smile even if don't feel like smilin.
My best firend, my teatcher, my boyfriend and my heart.

Postat av: ashley {your man}

My Darlin Sofia{My Snowfia}hehehe you make me happy.....I love you soooOOo much & iv bn strugglin here cos I can't b with out u,al ur msgs vids voice not are really helpin me cope in my times of need......thank u so much 4 bn yourself & always bn tru 2 me....I love u wit everythin I got & that's my Mind\Body & Soul.....

2012-01-22 @ 22:42:56
Postat av: ashley {your man}

My Darlin Sofia,from the time I first laid eyes on you I knew you would be the one to make me happy & fill me up with so much warmth & laughter,you mean the whold to me & my home lys in your heart cause that's where I'll stay as you will be in mine. It may be hard now but hey we strong & will make it tru any stome that comes our way. I love you now & forever My Darlin Snowfia

2012-01-22 @ 22:54:19

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